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Advantages of food packaging bags with windows

times   2018-09-27
       In general, many customers add a transparent window to their design when customizing food packaging bags. When packaging tea, candy, coffee, nuts, bait, etc., the end customer can see the food inside through the transparent window, so as to achieve a publicity effect, so that customers have more confidence in the product.

In general, a window can see that the packaging of the food is more popular than the packaging without the window.


As shown in the figure above, the window with the right side is more intuitive and more attractive than the one with no window on the left.

In addition, adding windows can increase the design of the package and increase the level of packaging, just like the bag below, because the window makes the package look better. To be honest, when I first saw the bag, I liked it.

The design of these matching windows is so clever that I can't help but be attracted. In addition to the food packaging bags with design, some customers will choose completely transparent bags. Such bags are generally used to package soybeans, corn flakes, rice, and the like. This bag does not need to be plated, it can save plate charge, and its own printing is relatively simple, the unit price will be cheaper than the bag to be printed. This is also a good option if you want to minimize production costs.

If you have confidence in your product and want customers to see your food visually, then it is recommended to add a transparent window to the design. This small change may give you a significant boost in sales.