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Advantages of Stand up pouch with spout

times   2018-10-26

Stand up pouch with spout is a relatively novel packaging form, compared with the common packaging form the greatest advantage lies in portability; Stand up pouch with spout can be conveniently placed in a backpack or even pocket, and with the content of the reduction of the volume, more convenient to carry. In the promotion of product grade, enhance the shelf visual effect, portable, easy to use, fresh and sealable and many other aspects have advantages. The Stand up pouch with spout is laminated by PA/foil/PET/PE structure. It can also be made of 2 or 3 layers of other specifications. According to the different packaging products, it can increase the protective layer of oxygen insulation, reduce the oxygen permeability and prolong the shelf life of the products.


At present, the soft drinks packaging on the market, mainly in the form of PET bottles, composite aluminum paper bags, cans, in the increasingly competitive homogenization today, packaging improvement is undoubtedly one of the powerful means of differential competition. Stand up pouch with spout has both the fashion of repeated packaging of PET bottles and composite aluminum paper bags. It also has the advantage of printing performance that traditional beverage packaging can not compare. Because of the basic shape of Stand up pouch with spout, the display area of Stand up pouch with spout is obviously larger than that of PET bottles, and is superior to that of non-standing Baili bags. Of course, stand up pouch with spout are not suitable for carbonated drinks because they belong to the category of soft packaging, but they have unique advantages in juice, dairy products, health drinks, jelly foods and so on.