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What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum foil bag?

times   2018-09-21

Aluminum foil bags are more and more widely used in food packaging. Aluminum foil bag are bags containing aluminum foil in composite materials. Aluminum foil bags are widely used, which are related to the material properties of aluminum foil itself.

The greatest advantage of aluminum foil in an aluminum foil bag is that it is a good barrier material because of its excellent oxygen and water barrier, and its permeability is 1. In addition, the aluminum foil in the aluminum foil bag has good heat resistance, good light reflectivity and gloss, good shape at high and low temperatures, suitable for high-temperature cooking, up to 125 degrees Celsius.


However, as the material itself, aluminum foil in an aluminum foil bag also has its own limitations. First of all, the biggest drawback of aluminum foil is brittle and easy to fracture. Relatively difficult to compound.

Secondly, the greatest disadvantage of aluminum foil is poor acid resistance, so when packaging fruit juice or acidic goods are generally not placed in the close sealing layer, so as to ensure that the acid will not penetrate and separate the layer.


Moreover, it is not thermally sealed and can not be used as the innermost layer of composite bags. Based on the above characteristics, aluminum foil can only be used as a middle material for bags.