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Application of aluminum foil bags in food packaging industry

times   2018-10-12

The emergence of aluminum foil bags has made a great contribution to the soft packaging industry. With its unique characteristics, aluminum foil bags have been widely used in food packaging industry.

In actual production, food aluminum foil bags also have the advantages that ordinary food plastic bags do not have, such as aluminum foil bags in the packaging of cooked food products, can extend the shelf life of cooked food products, avoid light, avoid the defect of easy deterioration and flavor of cooked food products; aluminum foil bags also have good printing adaptability, can be in all kinds of food packaging because of In addition, aluminum foil bags have strong plasticity and can be made into a variety of bags, such as three-sided food packaging bags, four-sided food packaging bags, eight-sided food packaging bags, self-supporting zipper bags, special-shaped bags and so on. Different types of aluminum foil bags can be used in different types of food packaging.

Aluminum foil bags are widely used in food packaging. They also depend on several factors.

First, aluminum foil bag packaging can make food and oxygen, steam, stains and other isolation, and leakage is also one of the elements of packaging design requirements. Some aluminum foil bags can extend the shelf life of products by adding desiccant/deoxidizer to achieve the goal, or by vacuum packaging or vacuum packaging.

Secondly, aluminum foil bag has many excellent physical properties, which can protect food stored in aluminum foil bag from extrusion, impact, vibration, temperature difference and other external physical factors.

Thirdly, the printing suitability of aluminum foil bags can not only design printing patterns according to the "things" in food packaging, but also be a marketing method. It can use aluminum foil bags labels to encourage potential buyers to buy goods, and the design of aluminum foil bags can directly affect consumers'purchase desire.

Fourthly, aluminum foil bags can be easily added, unloaded, stacked, displayed, sold, opened, re-loaded, used and re-applied advantages for food packaging, storage, transportation, marketing, use have brought great convenience.