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Do you know what is gravure printing skill?

times   2018-11-15

Gravure printing is to create the whole plate surface lined with ink, then use a special scraping establishment the blank portion of the ink to get rid of clean and build the ink solely in graphic within the a part of the network,

In within the larger pressure to transfer ink to the surface of substrates for print. Gravure printing belong to direct printing skill.Graphic half recessed plate and degree of depression with the amount of the image with totally different depth, plate blank a part of the bulge, and within the same plane.



Bad points: before printing plate-making technology complicated, long cycle range less  quantity does not suitable.

Advantages: The ink expression about  90% in color print, Color is vivid , bright and high saturation. Layout of robust resistance. Suitable for large quantity( Above 3000 pcs)

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