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Flat bottom craft paper bags for coffee

times   2018-09-01

                    Flat bottom craft paper bags for coffee

  If you are looking for craft paper bag for coffee or coffee beans, you would better know this. The unidirectional exhaust coffee kraft paper bag with valve is the most ideal way to store coffee beans/coffee powder. The product adopts "MOPP printed material+thickened kraft paper + aluminum plating + PE film"four kinds of composite material, featuring waterproof, oxygen insulation, shielding, moisture-proof, light-proof and punctures resistance.   


  One way exhaust valve allows the carbon dioxide produced by the coffee in the bag to discharge into the bag, while the oxygen from the outside does not return to the bag, absolutely guaranteeing that the coffee flavor remains unchanged.   You worth have it.

Flat bottom bags for coffee  Flat bottom bag for coffee power


 We are one of custom package bags supplier from China, and we could make all kinds of package bag with your request. For example, the stand up plastic bag,craft paper stand up pouches, 3 side heat seal bag, flat bottom plastic bagflat bottom paper bagsside gusset bag, Child resistant bag and so on, Whatever for tea,  coffee, nuts, dry food and any snack package. We totally can make it,


 For inquiry, Please feel free to contact us.