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How to order coffee bags?

times   2018-09-05

      There are lots of customers in our factory who need custom coffee bags. Generally speaking, when customers choose coffee bags, they will choose stand up pouches or flat bottom gusset bags.

      (1)The advantages of the stand up pouches are simple and common, the MOQ is low, only 5000 can be customized to their own logo. Sometimes, even if you need to customize 1000, it is ok. Of course,  because the bag production is streamlined, ordering only 1000 will waste a certain amount of materials, so the price of the unit bag is higher.

      (2)The advantages of flat bottom gusset bags are high-grade atmosphere, suitable for some cafes that pursue quality and so on. Due to the complexity of the flat bottom pouch process, his minimum order quantity is 10,000.


      Whether it is the standing bag or flat bottom pouch, you can customize plastic materials or kraft paper materials. In general, customers prefer to use kraft paper bags for coffee. Common paper bag materials are: MOPP/Kraft paper/VMPET/PE (full color printing) and Kraft paper/VMPET/PE (no printing).


      In addition, since some coffee beans and coffee powder will release gas, many customers require a gas valve when customizing the coffee bag. This will allow the gas produced by the coffee to be discharged in time, and the outside gas will not enter the bag, keeping the product fresh.

      In general, you only need to provide the bag type, material, size, printing, order quantity and destination, we can quickly send you a quote.

      Do you need to order the coffee bag? Welcome to find us inquiry.