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How to purchase a plastic stand up bag for nuts?

times   2018-08-14

    A lot of people don't know how to purchase a plastic stand-up bag for nuts.

    Actually, it is a very simple thing, You could see the bag like this that it has three layers material and with a layer of aluminum foil material in the middle, This is the plastic stand-up bag for nuts. It can very good moisture proof effect, another important point is that we got the certificate of European food grade, it can be touch foods directly and also can prevent the smell, This is enough for the consumer feel relieved by buying your product.

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Custom plastic stand up bag for nuts  plastic stand up bag for nuts  manufacturer

    Then look at the top of the aluminum foil plastic bag, which has a zipper that you can reclose when you can't finish eating all at once, and it can be sealed, which keeps the dried nuts dry all the time, you could call resealable foil bags.

    If you wanna to show your delicious nuts to the customers, you could choose with the window in the bag. Just like the picture. when your customer sees those delicious nuts, It will attract your customers to increase sales.

    What a nice plastic stand up nut package bags