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How to separate the pure aluminum and regular aluminum material?

times   2018-10-16
  The aluminum foil packaging bag typically refers to 3 - or four-layer structure aluminum plastic composite packaging baggage, such this package bag use for a snack, nuts, protein powder, pet food, and alternative dry things, has smell proof, moisture-proof, light-proof impact. with a decent performance of water separation, atomic number 8 separation. 

  What we are able to use this to create the packing bag of the various sort, like stand up ziplock pouches, side gusset bag, flat bottom pouches, three side heat seal bag then on. The aluminum divided into pure aluminum and regular aluminum material, there have a few points to distinguish them

1. From the materials, pure aluminum is high purity and belong to soft materials. The aluminum - coated bag is made of brittle composite material.

2. In terms of performance, the pure aluminum bag has higher moisture-proof and cooling impact than the regular aluminum bag. The pure aluminum bag is totally light-proof, and therefore the regular aluminum bag is that the light-blocking impact.

3. In terms of price, the value of pure aluminum baggage is more than that of regular aluminum baggage.

4In terms of use, pure aluminum bag are a lot of appropriate for vacuumings, like filling product like seared food and meat, whereas regular aluminum baggage is appropriate for filling tea leaves, powder, and any other snack and dry food.

5, the bag facing the sunshine or daylight, will see the sunshine through the bag is regular aluminum. cannot see is pure aluminum material.