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Introduction of several nut bags shape

times   2018-11-09

First, three sides sealing nut packaging bags, about half a centimeter of heat sealing, the upper part is 1 to 2 centimeters. The customer bottled the nut food in three sides and sealed it half centimeters.


Second, Side-sealed organ nut food packaging bag, this is the most used type of sunflower seeds, nuts, left and right sides have folded edges, large capacity, exquisite shape.


Third, Flat bottom nuts packaging bag, this bag has a three-dimensional sense, can stand on the shelf, easy to sell shelves, consumers to eat. There are three planes at the side and bottom for color printing of food packaging bags. There are more advertisements and beautification on the front and the back, which is conducive to promoting the brand and attracting consumers' attention.


Fourth, Self-supporting nuts food packaging bags, self-supporting bags in nuts food are also common bags, can be self-supporting, usually with zippers, easy to carry and eat nuts.