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Craft paper bag or paper bag?

times   2018-09-17

Craft paper bag or paper bag

  First of all, the production process of paper bag paper and kraft paper is very similar.But there still have something defference.


  Paper bag paper is produced using the wood fiber of conifer and sulfate pulp. However, bags are generally lower in quality and thinner than craft paper. At the same time, the paper bag paper mechanical strength is better, the paper is usually used for packaging cement, fertilizer and so on!

Kraft paper,

  Generally, the thickness of craft paper is 150 micro (15C ). Comparatively speaking, craft paper is strong and durable, with high tear strength, rupture work and dynamic strength. It can be used repeatedly! In addition, the strength of craft paper can be used to package some bulk products, such as coffee beans, beef jerky, tea and so on. It's also one of the most important features to distinguish from other paper! In terms of grade, craft paper can be divided into three grades: U, A and B3. So different quality means different cost.

  Now,  Did you get it?

Stand up kraft paper bag for teaCustom paper bags

Stand up kraft paper bag supplierKraft paper bag for beef jurkey

  We are one of custom package bags supplier from China, and we could make all kinds of package bag with your request. For example, the stand up plastic bag, resealable Craft paper bag, s  3 side heat seal bag,  flat bottom coffee bagside gusset bag,  Eco-friendly stand up pouches,Child resistant bag and so on, Whatever for tea, coffee, nuts, dry food and any others snack package. We totally can make it.

  For inquiry, Please feel free to contact us.