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Plastic Pouches: Recycling or Prohibiting

times   2018-08-18

      In recent years, the environmental slogan of “Farewell to plastic pouches, lifting baskets, picking up cloth bags” is endless, and some units and shops even distribute bags to shoppers for free. However, the plastic pouches around them have not been reduced.

      Why is this? It seems that the reason why plastic pouches are popular is necessarily the rationality of their existence. Today, as the pace of life is getting faster and faster, people go shopping on the way to work, and it is unlikely that they will go home and take a bamboo basket. Or take the cloth bag with the leaking mud and water on the car. This is not only likely to hinder public health, but also inconsistent with the fashion of the wearing.

      As for the net pockets, they were originally plastic products, and it is not convenient to load a lot of things. Cloth bags and bamboo baskets must be washed after use. This not only increases housework, but also wastes water and detergents. It can be seen that simply replacing the plastic pouches with a cloth bag reduces the convenience on the one hand and does not necessarily save resources on the one hand. If you do not consider the immediate needs of the people, efforts to change people's behavior will be difficult to receive satisfactory results. So, where did the plastic pouches go after leaving the mall?

      Some environmentally conscious households collect clean and sturdy food pouch packaging and reuse them for shopping. Many households use plastic pouches instead of garbage bags to pack garbage.

Many families are not environmentally conscious, or The plastic pouches are of poor quality and they are thrown directly into the rubbish, causing white pollution. From the above analysis, several countermeasures to reduce the pollution of plastic pouches can be obtained:

1. One is to encourage consumers to reuse plastic pouches.

      The plastic pouches obtained from the supermarket shopping are relatively clean and the strength is also ideal. It can be stuffed into the handbag or the clothes pocket after folding and flattening, and used repeatedly for shopping until it becomes dirty, and then used as a garbage bag. The government may wish to formulate policies to establish quality standards for plastic bags and force all malls to charge extra for plastic pouches. If consumers feel that it is very troublesome to buy plastic pouches, it is better to carry them on their own, and they will consciously increase the recycling rate of plastic pouches.

2. The second is to require residents to sort and collect plastic pouches that cannot be reused together with other plastic garbage for recycling.

      Plastic pouches, various food grade materials and foam plastic lunch boxes are valuable resources. After simple processing, they can be made into a variety of plastic products, chemical raw materials and gasoline. In the context of rising prices, it is worth further development and utilization.

3. The third is to strengthen the management of plastic pouch manufacturers.

      According to the principle of “who pollutes and who governs”, high-level “sorting processing fees” and “environmental maintenance taxes” should be levied in advance through tax adjustment to increase production costs. At the same time, the intensity of prohibiting the production of ultra-thin plastic pouches should be increased. In this way, it is uneconomical for merchants to feel free to distribute plastic pouches. Naturally, they will try to encourage consumers to bring their own bags to shop or reuse plastic pouches.

      It can be seen that whether it is environmentally friendly and whether it can control white pollution, the key is not to shop with cloth bags or plastic pouches, but whether plastic pouches can be effectively recycled.

      From an ecological point of view, as long as the substance is included in the recycling track, there will be no resource depletion and environmental pollution.

      In a developed society, the convenience of national life should be guaranteed, but it should also be made known to the public that their own convenience cannot hinder the survival of future generations. The popularization of this awareness is not only based on slogan propaganda, but also on the guidance of economic policies. It is the fundamental policy to eliminate white pollution by taking effective measures to ensure that used plastic pouches can be recycled.