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The main bag type and application of food packaging bags

times   2018-08-15

      The bag type of the food packaging bag seems to be very simple, but many customersAre silly to can't distinguish.. Sometimes, without a picture inquiry, there will be a lot of jokes. Therefore, today I will introduce you to some of the more common bag types of food packaging bags.

1. Stand up pouch with zipper

      Stand up pouch with zipper are the most common type of bag, and the proportion of stand up pouch with zipper in supermarkets is also relatively high. Often used to package a variety of candy, tea, nuts, popcorn, protein powder, flour, etc.

      The stand up pouch with zipper can be opened and closed multiple times, and the food inside can be effectively preserved for a certain period of time.

2.Three side seal bag

      Three-sided sealed plastic bags are commonly used to package hawthorn slices, food disposable sauces, masks, teas, etc. that do not require long-term storage.

      In the supermarket, you can hang on the shelf through the hanging hole of the bag. Three-side sealing bags are usually sealed by heat sealing. Sometimes customers will also require zippers. Whether it is necessary to bring a zipper according to the packaged food and storage time.

3. Side gusset pouches

      Side gusset pouches is used to package coffee-related products such as coffee beans and coffee powder. In addition, there are often customers who use it package for tea, pet food, Moringa seeds, etc.

      Side gusset pouches can be equipped with a gas valve so that coffee powder, coffee beans and other foods that emit gas during storage. The function of the gas valve is that the gas inside can be released from the outside, and the external gas cannot enter the bag, making the food more resistant to storage.


4.Flat bottom gusset bags

      Flat bottom gusset bags is also called octagonal sealed plastic bag, eight sides seal bag,mainly used for packaging coffee, pet food, bread, tea and so on. It is a kind of medium and high-grade packaging.

      I once had a Lebanese customer who ordered the flat bottom gusset bags from me to improve her coffee packaging. By improving the packaging, the selling price of the product was increased by 60%. At the same time, high-end customers were happy to pay the bill. Because now is the era of sharing, customers see beautiful and high-end food packaging, like to share it on ins, Facebook, thus forming a good publicity effect.

      But first you have to make sure that your product is a good product, otherwise,  the best packaging is just "Apple of Sodom".

5.Middle seal bag

      Middle seal bag, as the name suggests, is to heat seal from the middle.The middle sealed bag is often used for expanded food such as potato chips and shrimp strips and is also used for candy, instant noodles, and dairy products.


6.Quad seal bag

      The quad seal bag is often used to package dried fruit foods and pet foods. Relatively speaking, this type of bag is relatively rare.


7.Standing pouch with spout

      The spout pouch is also a type of standing bag. Spout pouch is mainly used for the packaging of beverages such as juice, milk, jelly and so on. This kind of packaging is very popular with children.

      Today, I introduce you to these seven more common food pouch packaging types. What other common bag types do you have? Welcome to communicate with us.