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The more regular bag in this industry

times   2018-11-20

Food packaging not solely carries the mission of serving and protective food, however conjointly provides customers with the best convenience and easy use with the smallest amount impact on the setting. The stand up bag and stand up zipper bag, these 2 packaging with its convenient ,simple to use, glorious shelf show and environmental protection.


Stand up bag could be a reasonably versatile packaging bag with horizontal support structure at rock bottom.  It will stand on its own while not wishing on any support and it has shelf show by itself. additionally, so as to satisfy the customized consumption demand, the Stand up bag also can add customized style parts, like handle, curve contour, resealable zipper, etc., therefore greatly enhancing consumers' getting need. At present, Stand up bag are wide utilized in the packaging of food, snack, beverages,  jelly, seasoning,pet food and so on.



Stand up zipper bag refers to adding a zipper on the stand up bags, thus on add resealable operate for packaging bag, then customers to repeatedly seal the unfinished food.  In developed like Europe country and area, the Stand up zipper bag has been wide utilized in meat, cheese, frozen foods, nuts, confectionery and pastry food packaging fields.

We are one of custom package bags supplier from China, and we could make all kinds of package bag with your request. For example, ,3 side heat seal bag, ziplock stand up pouches, flat bottom coffee bag, guesset coffee bags,  Eco-friendly stand up pouches,Child resistant bag and so on, Whatever for tea, coffee, nuts, dry food and any others package. We totally can make it.