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The overall process of ordering food grade packaging stand up bags

times   2018-10-10
      What is the general procedure for ordering food grade packaging stand up bags? Let me introduce it to you today.

First of all, the customer will find their favorite bag through our official website, and then they can find our customer service through Online Service, with a picture inquiry. The general inquiry needs to provide information: size, material, type, quantity, printing, destination. If you order for the first time, the material of the bag is not very clear, you can tell us what product you are packaging, then we will be for you Recommend the most reasonable materials; if you are not very clear about the size of your bag, you can tell us the products and weights that need to be packaged, we will recommend the appropriate size based on experience. If the customer sends us their artwork, it will help us to make a more accurate offer. After the customer sends the artwork to us, we will send it to the design department. They will finish the final artwork with size, zipper, tear notch and all other details. They will also calculate how many colors the artwork contains, which will affect the plate charge. In this way, the customer can know the layout of their bag in advance.

After obtaining all the necessary information, we will give the customer the most reasonable offer. After the customer confirms that there is no problem with the quotation, we will make a bag ordering invoice for the customer through Alibaba. It can protect the rights of the customer through the Alibaba transaction.

Once the customer's design and payment (usually TT and credit card) are confirmed, we will arrange production immediately. After the bag is produced, we will confirm the shipping address with the customer again and start shipping. If the customer needs information such as the certificate of origin, we will also try our best to assist the client to apply. The transit time of express delivery is generally 4-7 days, and the shipping time is usually 30-35 days. The shipping port of the sea is Shenzhen Port.


When the customer receives the goods, they can confirm the receipt of the order on Alibaba and can evaluate our service. In this way, a single order is completed.

After the order is completed, if the same bag needs to be ordered within two years, the plate charge will no longer be required. This is good news for the customer.