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What information should I provide before I get the offer?

times   2018-11-10

   There has several custom request from me the price directly, like what is the price for protein powder?  Or i want a bag for 50 g of tea, How much is it? No, please do not  like this, It is hardly to quotation without baseless, As we are a factory with a very wide range of customization, thus we'd like to understand five data points to fulfill the need of quotation.  Please have a glance at the 5 data points at below:

1) Bag kind
  we've got plenty of bag varieties here, For example 3 side heat seal bag, stand up pouches wholesale, flat bottom bag suppliers, center sealing bag, Craft paper pouch, block bottom paper bags,side gusset bag, spout bag, child proof bag, opp bag, woven bag, nylon bag, etc.

2) Materials
  The first factor to have understand is plastic or brown paper material? The second one is concerning skin surface or matte surface. (both same price).

Common material expression ways
1. PET/VMPET/PE ( The shiny surface and with aluminum)
2. MOPP/KRAFT/VMPET/PE (this is the kraft paper material with printing)

3) Size
  Actually, It is big scope in bag size. We can make very small to very large bags. The other is that we need you to provide us with the accurate bag size,rather than the bag 50 g of tea. The reason we don't accept is that different product densities are different, which results in different sizes, just like 100g green tea (W130*H200*G35mm) and 100g spirulina powder (W115*H185*G35mm).

4) Amount
  Less quantity and large quantity price are not the same, It is so-called small profits more than sales, the more quantity, the lower the price.Normally, the minimum order quantity for regular bag is 5,000 pcs, but the MOQ of flat bottom bags is 10,000 pcs. The unit price will be higher if you order less than the minimum quantity.

5) printing
  This additionally affects the value, the value of not printing and printing isn't the same!

So if you wanted a quote pls kindly offer 5 points for the bag details, material size, amount and whether or not to print or not. Otherwise, it's extremely tough to supply you with the quotation!

Thanks for your cooperation.