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What is aluminium foil bag?

times   2018-09-14

Aluminum foil bags usually refer to aluminum-plastic composite vacuum packaging bags, such products are suitable for large-scale precision mechanical equipment, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates moisture-proof, light-proof, vacuum packaging. Three or four tier structure is adopted.

It has good function of water separation and oxygen isolation. No restrictions, can be tailored to different specifications, styles of packaging bags, can be made into flat bags, stand up pouches, organ bags, zipper bags and other styles.

The product must be tested by GB and ASTM standards. The product meets the requirements of environmental protection (third party testing report can be provided). The product meets the most stringent environmental protection standards for packaging materials in EU and North America.

Aluminum foil bags are suitable to pack much foods sale in the market.And it is nearly the most popular material bag.