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What is the difference between food packaging paper bags of different materials?

times   2018-08-29
      When ordering bags, many customers often say that they need to order paper bags or plastic bags, but the specific materials of the bags and the effect of the bags presented by different materials may not be very clear. Today I will introduce you to several paper bags made of more common materials.

      First of all, I want to introduce you to two common materials for kraft paper pouches, MOPP/Kraft paper/VMPET/PE and Kraft paper/VMPET/PE. The difference between the two is whether to add a layer of sub-film on the outside of the kraft paper. In general, the more colorful bags of artwork need to be added with sub-film on the outside, because it is unclear to print directly on kraft paper.

      The above picture shows the printing effect of different materials. In addition, the difference between the two materials only affects the appearance of the printing, and has no effect on the inside of the bag.

      In addition, MOPP/Kraft paper/PET/PE, Kraft paper/PET/PE is also a relatively common material, the comparison pictures are as follows.

      In addition, there are materials such as PET/Kraft paper/PET/PE, but because the printed beauty is not high, no more introductions are made.

      Among the materials mentioned above, whether with sub-film are main printing differences. The difference between VMPET (MOPP/Kraft paper/VMPET/PE) and PET (MOPP/Kraft paper/PET/PE) is that PET is transparent, while VMPET is opaque, so VMPET has good shading and UV protection not only extend the shelf life of the contents, but also increase the brightness of the film. It is mainly used in dry and puffed food packaging such as nuts packaging bags, coffee pouch, biscuits and on the outer packaging of some medicines and cosmetics.

PET has high rigidity, hardness and toughness, resistance to friction, high temperature and low temperature, oil resistance. It is commonly used as a material for cooking and packaging, and has good printability.

      The above is the introduction to common food packaging paper bag material. Please feel free to inquire from  Shenzhen Youmeijia co., limited.