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What is the plate charge for food grade stand up pouches?

times   2018-08-23

      When we send the quotation to the customers who ordered the bag for the first time, they may have doubt. I only need to order the bag. Why do I have to pay the plate charge? What is the plate charge for food grade stand up pouches?

      In order to solve this doubt for customers, I first introduce the customers to the three types of printing commonly used in food grade stand up pouches.

1Gravure printing

      The printing of plastic film is mainly gravure printing process. The plastic film printed by gravure has the advantages of high printing quality, thick ink layer, bright color, clear and bright pattern, rich picture layer, moderate contrast, vivid image and strong stereoscopic effect. At present, gravure printing quality is the best among various printing methods. And the printing quality is stable, the printing plate has a long service life, and is suitable for mass printing. Gravure can print extremely thin materials such as plastic films. Gravure printed plates are resistant to printing and are suitable for long runs.

2Flexographic printing

      Flexographic printing primarily utilizes flexible relief and fast-drying relief inks. The utility model has the advantages of simple equipment, low cost, light quality of the plate material, small pressure during printing, small loss of plate material and machinery, low noise and high speed during printing. The flexographic plate has a short plate changing time and high work efficiency. The flexographic plate is soft, flexible, and has good ink transfer performance. The printed material has a wide adaptability, and the cost for printing small batches is lower than that of gravure printing. However, flexographic printing has higher requirements on inks and plates, so the printing quality is slightly less than the gravure process.

3)Screen printing

      During printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the graphics portion by the extrusion of the squeegee to form the same graphic as the original. The screen printing products are rich in ink layer, bright in color, full in color, strong in hiding power, wide in selection of ink varieties, strong in adaptability, small in pressure during printing, easy to operate, simple in plate making process, low in equipment investment, and therefore low in cost. Good economic benefits and a wide range of printing materials.

      Packaging promotes the overall image of a product as much as advertising. It has many functions such as beautifying goods, protecting goods and facilitating the circulation of goods. In order to ensure the quality of printing and better storage of plates, the printing technology currently used by our company is mainly gravure printing.

      So, What is the plate charge for food grade stand up pouches?

      In fact, the plate charge is mainly used to make the cost of the printing process in the later stage of the  food grade stand up pouches. Nowsdays, the commonly used aluminum foil plastic bag, resealable heat seal bags, etc., usually have various pictures such as company name, LOGO, contact information, various fashion patterns, etc., and these pictures will not appear in the food grade stand up pouches out of thin air. Above, the graphic design of the customer's design needs to be printed on the food grade stand up pouches by printing. Printing is a process technology that uses a plate or other means to transfer graphics information on an original to a substrate. This plate is the plate in the plastic pouch manufacturers. Without this plate, there is no way to complete the printing process. The printing plate is complicated to make, and it takes a long time to color, etc. Sometimes the plate making time even accounts for 70%-80% of the whole production time, which is why sometimes the order quantity is small, the plate charge is higher than the bag cost. However, it is not all the food grade stand up pouches need to make plate. For some bags without printing need not pay the plate charge. For example, the following bags are not printed, and the original color of the material is maintained.

      In addition, because our company uses gravure printing, one of the excellent features is the long life of the printing plate. Therefore, when the customers pay the plate charge for the first time, the same size and design bag can be ordered again within two years, no need to pay for the plate charge.

      Through today's introduction, do you have a clearer understanding of the plate charge? Please feel free to inquire from Shenzhen Youmeijia co., limited.