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What reasonably packaging bag we could use for 250g coffee beans?

times   2018-10-22

We have been custom package bag provider over ten years, and there encompasses a heap of emptor solicit from me, what ought to i select the bag for 250g coffee beans? You will know when you finish this reading article.

1)Stans up kraft paper bag

Bag size:W160*H230*G70mm


MOQ: 5000 pcs

2)Flat bottom kraft paper bags

Bag size:W125*H215*G60 mm


MOQ: 10000 pcs

3)Side guesset bag

Bag size:  W90*H260*G50mm

Material: MOPP/Kraft/VMPET/PE

MOQ: 10000 pcs

  By the way, we tend to quite suggest have a valve for the kraft bag,Because roast occasional beans naturally emit CO2 (CO2), which might have an effect on the standard of the beans if left within the package baggage, and therefore the air hole within the valve on the bag will create the additional gas out of the bag, whereas the can be purchased by squeeze the package to smell the aroma.

The air hole of the "exhaust valve" of the kraft bag will isolate the sunshine and air invasion outside the packaging bag, so the coffee beans are often within the best state of preservation and packaging, keeping the low beans recent and original.