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Why does the coffee bag have an air valve?

times   2018-10-08

  Are you aware of a problem that the brown paper coffee generally has the valve and some small circle hole?

  This is exhaust is called a one-way air valve, also known as a coffee bag one way air valve, which is used to discharge the air in the coffee bag one way. The difference between one-way exhaust valve and other products lies in that the one-way exhaust valve has a filter net to isolate the influence of powder material on the exhaust valve. At the same time, the air in the packing bag can be discharged without the solid (including dust) in the packaging, and the air outside can not enter the bag.

  You know what? The roasted coffee beans are sealed and packed in aluminum foil bags. Due to the good barrier and preservation of the aluminum foil, the coffee beans can avoid contact with light and air, resulting in rapid fragrance and oxidation.Because after coffee roasting, carbon dioxide (CO2) will be continuously discharged for a certain period of time. Without a one-way valve, the coffee bag will be full of gas, which is easy to burst. The one-way air valve can also discharge carbon dioxide while discharging oxygen from the coffee bag, so as to avoid the odour caused by the oxidization of coffee oil, which will affect the quality of coffee.


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