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Why we choose the flat bottom bag?

times   2018-10-30


Do you understand the flat bottom bags? Here has a 5 point straightforward examples, pls ses:


1.When the flat bottom bag is flat, it absolutely was standing straight and stable will show glorious look, that is contributive to displaying the higher expression of the whole on the shelf and catching consumers' eyes.


2. The distinctive and delightful look makes it easier for customers to search out your merchandise at a look, that is contributive to sales and your brand help;


3.Could accept 9 colors printing, the merchandise look is exquisite and chic, that contains a robust role in promoting merchandise.


4.The flat bottom bag could make with variable materials, It can be made according to thickness, moisture and oxygen barrier, metal effect and printing.


5)The flat bottom bag is does not like three side heat seal bag or stand up bags restricted to reusable zippers, you also have another option is tin tie.

we square measure the custom package bag China, and that we will build all quite bag s associate with your request. regardless of for tea, coffee, nuts, dry food and any others snack package.


The all of material selection from our boss personally, quality Assurance,Reasonable price.